Canada Aviation Academy has developed this COVID-19 outbreak response plan in case a staff member, student, or a visitor to our campus is detected positive for COVID-19.

Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Collaborate with office of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), follow their guidance and provide them the support where required.
  • Keep all the Attendance & Declaration Forms filled by that individual and the close contacts ready for potential PHO investigation.
  • The Operations and usage of the campus will be closed for a thorough disinfection of the building will be done as per the University of the Fraser Valley cleaning protocols laid here :
  • After disinfection the operations may resume normal operations
  • The Individual will not be allowed to come back to the premises without a ‘negative’ result of the COVID-19 test or a letter from a doctor / health Authority stating that the individual has now recovered and has no risk of transmitting COVID-19 disease.

Case Management

  • We will demonstrate flexibility for personal circumstances and provide sick leave.
  • Encourage staff members and students to take care of their mental health and wellbeing by being informed by support services available.
  • Communicating messages around COVID-19 in a positive manner and speaking out against negative attitudes and being mindful of any stigma and discrimination, thus encouraging people to communicate any feelings of illness.
  • Support will be available and be mindful of any discrimination.
  • Assistance will be given to arrange meals and medication on a daily basis (if required).
  • Monitoring and screening daily or testing.
  • Staying informed of the current COVID-19 information.
  • Prohibiting non-essential access to the facility.

Non-Compliance for Self-Isolation or Quarantine

The individual will be notified that non-compliance could carry a fine or jail time.

In non-compliance situation CAAI will:
  • Report the offender to the Fraser Health & Provincial Health Officer within 24 Hours.
  • Concerns regarding compliance with the Provincial Health Officer’s orders will be directed to a local bylaw office.
  • Local bylaw officers will be asked to help ensure compliance with the Provincial Health Officer’s orders.
  • Assist the offender in an effort to determine what the barriers to quarantine are, giving them the best opportunity to comply with the Quarantine Act and be able to return to their normal routine (Work, flying or training)