Aircraft Rentals

Our Aircraft are available for people who bears a valid Pilot's Permit or Licence of any Category.
We also rent our aircraft to people having a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate i.e. someone who is a valid Pilot Licence holder from another ICAO state and have got their licence validated by Transport Canada (we can also guide you on that).

Steps before you can take our aircraft for a Solo flight:

  1. Enroll yourself with Canada Aviation Academy
  2. Complete a short type exam online for the aircraft model desired to fly.
  3. Schedule a flight with one of our Flight Instructors.
  4. Go for a Check Flight with the Flight Instructor and get signed off.
  5. Schedule a flight for yourself.
  6. Go for your Solo Flight!!

*Each Model of aircraft requires you to start from the Step 2 above.
Act as Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft you have been checked out for.
Have access to online booking system and book the aircraft and Instructor online.
Have access to our online reference material and tests.

*If you haven't flown in last 3 Months you have start from the Step 2 above.

Licence & Flight Currency:
Your Licence, Radio and Logbook will be checked before every flight to make sure you are current.
Medical Fitness:
Your Medical certificate will be checked before every flight.
Ground Training:
Ground Training can be provided if required or requested.
Written Examination:
You must obtain 80% on the Online Type Exam and corrected to 100% before flight with an Instructor.
Check Flight:
Successfully complete a Check flight to Transport Canada standards for the Licence you hold.